As I come into my last week of my Flatiron Coding Bootcamp, I can’t help to not think about what will be my next steps. In the Software Engineering track for Flatiron we learn about Postgresql Database, ruby on rails for our backend, and javascript/jsReact for our front end to make our projects. However I do want to continue my learning in a more modern approach and practical level by incorporating the MERN stack for my future projects.

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MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, & Node which are 4 technologies that will make the full stack. On the furthest point…

Adobe Flash Player, previously known as Shockwave Flash has been discontinued as of December 31, 2020. The web browser plugin which brought me many childhood enjoyments has been finally put to rest. Here is a little history and the impact it had on my life.

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Flash Collage Art by Me

Growing up as a 90’s kid who didn’t have a many games on console, I looked to the web for enjoyment. I spent hours on websites such a miniclips, addictinggames, youtube (yes, the early days of youtube used Shockwave Flash before switching over to HMTL5), and to a lesser extend clubpenguin and newgrounds. I remember…

What is big-O Notation and why is it important?

Big-O-Notation is in it’s simplest term a mathematical notation that describes the behavior of a function. It is used to estimate the growth and/or limits of a function regardless of smaller order terms. It’s important for the developer world because you can use Big-O to determent the efficiency of a program and/or algorithm without worrying about individual hardware and software differences. By using big-O the developer can determine where it is practical to apply a specific algorithm before testing, saving him/herself time by being an efficient developer.

While first learning any programing language we start small. Making easy to understand…

For a quite a while I was interested in software development but only until recently look a large step into making it my career. I did this by signing up for Flatiron’s Software Engineering Bootcamp! It is only week 3 and I’m learning so much already. We touched on API’s which is cool because I know a little bit about them before attending Flatiron. An API I personally worked with before is the Steam Web API with JavaScript. Steam is a software made my Valve Corporation, which is primary used as a virtual videogame storefront. …

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