Adobe Flash Player, previously known as Shockwave Flash has been discontinued as of December 31, 2020. The web browser plugin which brought me many childhood enjoyments has been finally put to rest. Here is a little history and the impact it had on my life.

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Flash Collage Art by Me

Growing up as a 90’s kid who didn’t have a many games on console, I looked to the web for enjoyment. I spent hours on websites such a miniclips, addictinggames, youtube (yes, the early days of youtube used Shockwave Flash before switching over to HMTL5), and to a lesser extend clubpenguin and newgrounds. I remember enjoying making the craziest tracks on LineRider and wasting my time watching silly looping videos such as “Badgers Badgers Badgers” It is very safe to say the Flash had a huge impact on my childhood while growing up. The flash plugin would let users run SWF files which would be created by programs such as Adobe Flash Professional, Flash Builder or other 3rd party programs such as FlashDevelop. These SWF files let user run games, videos, and more though the browser. In the world before HMTL5 JS, Flash has made the user experience more rich, enjoyable, and memorable. Originally under the name SmartSketch by FutureWave the software featured a web animation tool, it was a drawing program for EO tablet computers and PenPoint OS which didn’t take off so it was re-released as Future Flash after adding in frame-by-frame animation features for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh. FutureWave was acquired by Macromedia in December 1996 renaming the animation program Macromedia Flash. Macromedia actually had a competing program at the time Macromedia Shockwave, which was a multimedia software for applications and videogames, such content could be view in a web browser via the Shockwave Player plug-in. With this merge in technology Future Flash became known as Flash Shockwave. …

What is big-O Notation and why is it important?

Big-O-Notation is in it’s simplest term a mathematical notation that describes the behavior of a function. It is used to estimate the growth and/or limits of a function regardless of smaller order terms. It’s important for the developer world because you can use Big-O to determent the efficiency of a program and/or algorithm without worrying about individual hardware and software differences. By using big-O the developer can determine where it is practical to apply a specific algorithm before testing, saving him/herself time by being an efficient developer.

While first learning any programing language we start small. Making easy to understand function and simple value return statements, using simple loops to loop though small arrays, and even using nested loops doesn’t take a long time to run. The run time is negligent as we typically do not use a huge amount of data for our learning. However in the real world it’s not uncommon to have to sort through a data set of hundreds if not hundred thousand of pieces of information. A simple way of thinking about it is say we have two algorithms with solves a problem in and n² + 1000 time with n being the array count. When the array is small, this case 10 and under, the array with n² would take longer. However when using a larger array n³ would take longer. In fact, whenever we write big-O notation we only care about the largest growing part of the function, thus the 1000 in the 2nd equation would obsolete as n²’s grows. We do not care for using small sets of data and small array only super large sets of data matters for big-O! Thus we write big-O notation for these function as O(n³) and O(n²) respectably. …

For a quite a while I was interested in software development but only until recently look a large step into making it my career. I did this by signing up for Flatiron’s Software Engineering Bootcamp! It is only week 3 and I’m learning so much already. We touched on API’s which is cool because I know a little bit about them before attending Flatiron. An API I personally worked with before is the Steam Web API with JavaScript. Steam is a software made my Valve Corporation, which is primary used as a virtual videogame storefront. …


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